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About Kelsey

Raised in the hunter/jumper world on a hands-on family farm, Kelsey received a comprehensive and varied education in horses under Francesca Mazella, Lisa Sherman, Judy Richter, Nancy Cole, Molly Flaherty, Kate Stoeffels, and Bill Cooney. She has ridden professionally in many capacities for twenty years, and currently rides and trains for clients in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Passionate about horse rescue, Kelsey recently established Pony Up Rescue, a collective-style 501(c)(3) rescue, with five ponies & horses currently undergoing rehabilitation and training. When not in the barn, Kelsey manages the business back-end of her family's horse farm in CT and is in school part-time at SUNY Ulster to be a vet tech.

Her credentials include:

  • 'B-level' Pony Club member.

  • Hunter/Jumper/Equitation showing through 1.10m.

  • Eventing/Dressage through Training/2nd level.

  • Hunter pacing/cross country riding throughout.

  • Professional catch riding, training, correction, schooling, desensitization, and rehab work on all ages and levels of horses and ponies.

  • Horse trainer, instructor, show groom, stable hand, equine business manager, wrangler.


Ready for a horse of your own,
and considering a rescue?
Looking for an educated hand
with your horse?

If you are looking to rescue a horse or pony, I can offer both expertise and a network of resources to support the process from start to finish.

Navigating rescues, kill pens, bailouts, and auctions; choosing the right horse; handling quarantine and transport; rehabilitating; and training or retraining a rescue horse can be intimidating. From a base in the mid-Hudson Valley, I can help you along the path with consultations and/or hands on training. Be as involved as you wish to be in the day-to-day progress of your rescue, remotely or in person.

You can save a life, and in doing so, find your wonderful horse for lessons, trails, pleasure, competition, and the family.

Trainers will generally always prefer private purchases, as they bring commissions and require less of their time and effort. However, rescuing is not only more cost effective, but a great deal more satisfying than purchasing privately. Finding the right rescue horse and restoring them to health, happiness, and usefulness is a wonderful experience; a helping hand can simplify the process.

Whether you are short on time, feeling stuck or fearful, or just seeking training assistance, I may be a good resource for you and your horse.

​I can offer life-long experience in riding, training, and horsemanship and a compassionate approach to both horse and rider. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs. Please see the About section to learn a bit more. Plenty of references available.

Note that these are [monthly] paid services, distinct from the Pony Up Rescue Collective, which operates as a 501(c)(3).

A Network of Resources to handle:​

  • Bail and quarantine

  • Veterinary pre-purchase exam &

  • Requisite medical treatment

  • Farrier/dental services

  • Transport

  • Board and training facility

  • Vaccines/deworming

  • Follow up veterinary/farrier care

Personal Training Assistance that includes:

  • ​​Groundwork & training

  • Weekly updates

  • Client supervision/instruction

  • Customized set of benchmarks to track progress

  • Ongoing progress review

  • Fully customizeable training/instruction program

Questions about Horse Slaughter?

Case Study: "Breyer"

This 12-year-old, 15.2hh QH was on the ship list at a kill pen in Texas. He was chosen for a client seeking a pleasure and trail horse. Caught in the slaughter pipeline, he needed to decompress, learn to trust and enjoy partnering with a handler and rider, gain weight, strength, and flexibility, and adapt to a new, happier life. He is now in the loving hands of his new owner.

Case Study: "Oliver"

This 16-year-old, 15.1hh QH sooty buckskin ranch horse was in a kill pen in Kansas. He was chosen for a client seeking a pleasure and trail horse. Following a month's quarantine and veterinary exams, he shipped to Germantown for decompression and training in June. He has received farrier, vet, and dental care, and is in the first phase of transitioning to a much happier career.

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